Friday, September 26, 2014

One Apple is a Start

 We found a red apple on one of our apple trees. It is the only apple that we have ever raised in this yard.
Last Spring it had been three years since we planted the apple trees in our yard. There are several varieties, but I did notice that the Haralson looked strong and had grown well.
 It was time to remove the sleeves that had protected the trees from rodents and deer. 
 The sleeves, if left on too long, will weaken the tree. 
 Wouldn't you know that when I checked the stake at the bottom of the appled tree, it was the Haralson.
Field Hand Joe was nearby on the lawn mower, so I motioned him over. 
We admired the apple for a moment or two. October first is considered optimum time for picking apples in GriggsDakota. The fruit can handle a light frost, and should be fully ripened by then. 
Since there was only one apple in this year's crop, we decided not to wait. Joe picked it. 
 It was quite tart with a firm texture and juicy.
 Next year I hope hundreds of his appley friends join us on the trees in our yard.
Tree planters and apple harvesters continue to be hopeful in GriggsDakota.

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