Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Isolation Strips

The freezing cold air has been here and blown away. There were places in North Dakota, North of GriggsDakota, where the freeze ended the growing season. We were lucky. That is not to say it didn't get cold. Our thermometer read 31.5 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday morning. It was at or near freezing for four mornings in a row. Frost was spotty, but we escaped without a hard freeze.
The soybeans got a taste of the cold. 
For the most part, the leaf canopy sheltered the soybean pods. 
 On some pods, there is a singed look to the pod, but the plant likely will be able to ripen the beans if the weather cooperates.
Farmer Fred is putting in isolation strips. These mown strips separate seed soybeans from other soybeans. 
 The lawnmower has been getting off the farmstead to travel to the seed soybean fields.
The task is accomplished with two passes of our lawnmower. The first pass is cut at the highest setting. 
 Farmer Fred follows the seeding line, or the quarter section line in each field. It hurts a little when he has to mow down soybeans. Both of these fields are the same variety, but the one on the left is being grown for seed while the one on the right will be sold on the market.
 The smell created by the mowing is fresh and something to savor. The cool mornings remind us that the season is turning. Green and growing will end soon, but not yet.
On Farmer Fred's return trip over the strip, he leaves a clean cut near the ground. 
The strip clearly delineates the seed soybean field from its neighboring soybean field. 
Now we will watch and wait for the soybeans to mature and dry down in GriggsDakota.

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  1. So glad you were spared a little! I thought about you guys this past weekend and wondered how it went...