Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hoping for Help from the Clouds

 This post was going to be a cheerful soybean update.
The soybean fields are lush and green. 
Many of our fields are contracted for seed. 
Most of the soybean plants are a long ways from fully ripe. 
Plants have about one third of their pods with formed green soybeans in them. 
 But many of the pods are still filling and most plants are still forming pods. 
Our soybeans were planted late last Spring. Our Spring was cold and wet. Then the Summer dried out and the soybeans stopped blooming. This period was followed by ample rainfall. The confused soybeans began to flower again. 
 This morning I heard these ominous words from a usually reliable weather forecaster: 
"By Friday morning the growing season will end."  
The words been on my mind ever since. To end the growing season, the temperature must drop to 
28 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and stay there for at least four hours.
 Even our earliest soybean field is not ready to face the end of the growing season.
 However, there is a ray of hope. The clouds may save the fields.
If cloud cover stays in place on cold nights, it holds the heat. Summer has everything nice and warm around here.  Some weather forecasts are counting on cloud cover to prevent the cold from causing a freeze by holding the warm air close to the ground as the cold tries to move in.
So we are looking to the clouds for their kind assistance as the temperatures drop through the week. 
We will wait until Friday morning to assess the damage in GriggsDakota.

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