Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fussing About the Corn

 If we make it through September without freezing the corn, we hope to have a pretty good corn crop.
It won't be a big crop, but we are still hoping for a crop. 
The 2014 crop hangs in the balance because of its late start and the cool Summer. A freeze in September will damage it before it is fully ripe.
Most of the places that I found have corn stalks with just one ear of corn per stalk. 
In some places there are small second cobs, that if they mature, will add to the yield.  
But there are some stalks that were able to produce two full size corn cobs. 
The price of corn has fallen considerably, so it will take a good crop to break even in the corn field this season.
Did you notice the weeds on the ground?
 The weeds are actually volunteer soybeans complete with pods, growing between the rows.
The corn is looking fine for Summertime in GriggsDakota.

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