Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finishing the Wheat

This is a day to celebrate. The wheat harvest is complete. 
 Are you familiar with the song "The King is Coming?" It was made famous by The Gaithers, a Gospel singing trio. The song was sung regularly by the choir in the church where I grew up. It was likely chosen by the choir director because Grandpa Sonny's cousin had a beautiful deep bass voice which began the song with the following spoken announcement:
"The marketplace is empty
No more traffic in the streets,
The builders tools are silent
No more time to harvest wheat." 
 After that line he started to sing, and he had a beautiful bass singing voice, but by then I wasn't paying attention. I was stuck on the idea that we had run out of time to harvest wheat. 
Of course, since the soloist was a farmer himself, the choir never sang this song during wheat harvest.
 I really had nothing to be concerned about. 
 And yet every year it still concerns me. Will we run out of time to harvest wheat? Will the market place be empty? And we can't build a place to keep it.
Well, to my great relief, we have had time to harvest all of the wheat and the market is a place to sell the wheat. 
Not to say that it wasn't a good lesson. Get that wheat harvested while you can. We do that. We harvest as fast as the weather will allow.  And today we are done for the season. No more wheat to harvest at this time.
But there are still black beans, soybeans and corn to harvest. Let's hope we will have time to harvest it all before the snow flies in GriggsDakota.


  1. What a neat story. That song you mentioned makes me think of a verse that speaks of another harvest. Jeremiah 8:20, " The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved ". Every day in America, 6707 people die, and Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14, that the majority of them will go to hell. I really enjoy your blog. I hope it will remind us all to not only to be about harvesting golden grains of wheat, but more importantly, be about harvesting the souls of our families, friends, and neighbors. Matthew 9:37.

  2. I extra love the photos today. They make my Kansas-girl heart feel right at home :)