Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black Beans Maturing

I waited until it was raining pretty hard to go out to check the black beans. It would have been nice to check them in the sunshine, but there was none today. 
As I told you yesterday, we under a frost/freeze warning. Will it happen? We hope not, but we are helpless. It must be a little like the feeling a passenger on a ocean cruise would have if there was trouble with the ship. Completely helpless, we wait to see what our fate will be. Will the ship sink? Will it recover? Will we be rescued? Of course, our lives are not in danger, but the drama we feel is all too real. 
Overall, the black beans look promising.
 There are lots of beans in the field and some are ripening.
Some plants are still blossoming near the top of the plant. I believe this is from our recent rainfall. The beans took the opportunity to restart their growing season and put out new blossoms and beans. The pods have not filled. Whether these beans will make it to maturity remains to be seen. 
 Some of the beans look good with six beans in a pod. They are still green and juicy. The black beans will be much smaller when they are dry enough to harvest.
 There is a bean at the top of the pod that did not fill. I can speculate that this happened during our dry spell earlier this Summer, but I am not sure. With six maturing beans in the pod, I am satisfied.
I drove over to the black bean field that was planted first. They are more evenly mature.  
The black bean fields will be harvested with our flex head. The maturing beans are hanging very close to the ground. 
 If we are going to capture all of the crop, the combine heads will have to roll across the field on the ground, cutting as they go. 
As you can see, there is only a couple of inches between the mature beans and the ground. 
And now, as the rain is pouring down, I head for home in GriggsDakota.

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