Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AgAnalyst Checks the Soybean Field

On an evening in July, I drove past a nearby soybean field and found the AgAnalyst standing in her favorite shorts. These are the ones we have to fight with her to wash. She would wear them every single waking moment if she could. And so, for much of the Summer they have been washed while she was sleeping.
The AgAnalyst was with her mother who was going to take pictures. 
With the background of soybeans and sunset, it looked to be a dream setting. 
I wanted to freeze time and linger here, watching my daughter as a mother with her daughter in our field. 
Time does not pause at my command. As always, time continued through the months of Summer heat and frost to the present day. This time AgAnalyst is checking on our soybeans.
 From a distance the soybeans are brown and sad looking.
 But the withered leaves at the tops of the plants are being taken over by the green leaves underneath. 
Up close, it is clear that the soybeans are continuing to mature. 
 Under the sad looking canopy are soybeans that are enjoying our second Summer.
 Some areas are greener than others, but the crop is there.
The weather has turned unseasonably warm, which is just what this crop and all of us need. 
So, time will not pause, but we will remember. 
And as the AgAnalyst finished her recent inspection she announced that
"There are a lot of soybeans out here."
Good news in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Fun pictures, Mom! I wouldn't mind stopping time for a moment in that soybean field either. And those jean shorts, we will never forget them!