Monday, August 18, 2014

Winter Wheat on a Weekend - Combining with the Family

 We picked up all the swaths of barley from our fields. There is more to do, but we switched over to Winter Wheat.
We are straight cutting the Winter Wheat, which means that we have switched out the head that picked up the swaths for the cutting head that harvests the grain with one pass.
We had extra help around on this August weekend.
Before switching crops, we had to sweep out the trucks and thoroughly clean the combines so that there is not contamination of the Wheat with Barley. 
Wyatt was excited when he finished and jumped behind the wheel of the truck to haul the wheat to our air bin.
Hunter surprised us by arriving early Friday afternoon. 
He sprinted to Farmer Fred's combine. 
Hunter is anxious to learn all about driving the combine. 
Every young farm kid wants to be a combine operator and the sooner the better. 
Power On Kirsti took my camera to the field and came back with these photos. This is the only one of her! 
Robbie would be the one to tell Hunter that if you want to be one of the combine operators on this farm, you must be very patient. 
In the meantime, learn to drive the grain cart. 
 Unloading the harvested crop on the go places the two big machines close together. It takes skill to operate the grain cart.
The Energy Advisor had never been in a ripe field of Wheat before. 
 She was fascinated by the combine.
She took her responsibility of holding Farmer Fred's cap very seriously. 
And watched carefully when Robbie pulled the grain cart up to receive the combine's hopper full of grain. 
Looks like we have another farm girl in GriggsDakota.

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