Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soybeans need a Shower

The soybeans are very dry. Rain showers, which have passed nearby, have missed our fields.
 There are places in the field where the soil is lighter and the soybeans are suffering. 
The soybeans begin to turn the backs of their leaves to the sun in order to conserves moisture during the day. 
 All the while, under the canopy of leaves, the soybeans are forming pods and beginning to fill them.
 With the canopy of leaves in place, the pods form in a cooler protected environment.
 It was a late Spring, with very wet conditions, which gave the plants a very good start. 
In this field we have areas where the soybeans were drowned out, intermingled with drought stressed plants. The soybeans and edible beans will need a drink or two during August. 
But, so far, they are holding on in GriggsDakota.

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