Friday, August 22, 2014

Ottawa at Sunset

 I came to check the sunflowers.
They were near Ottawa Church. 
The combination was irresistible. 
The gate was open. 
Their mission is clear. 
The evening was reverent. 
 The sun was leaving me too soon.
The church stood solid as the sun set, just as it has tens of thousands of days before this beautiful sunset. 
 I have photographed Ottawa before, later in the season means the sun is in a different spot on the horizon, but the church stood just as strong.
 The bell, on that night nearly five years ago, was showing its age. It had been removed from the steeple.
Now the bell is properly mounted and refurbished. 
 The flag waves over the cemetery. There are Veterans here, and citizens, and others. All is quiet on this tiny piece of the plains.
Ottawa endures. 
As another day ends in GriggsDakota.

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