Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fixing Up the old Quonset

When you spend your life on a farm, you learn that everything in this life has a beginning and an ending. This is true for everything, of course, but it is more obvious on a farm. We witness the rhythm of life.
 We also witness the ravages of time on equipment and buildings. The old quonset is about 70 years old. The shingles needed replacing.
So we called Nathan at Pinke Lumber to get the supplies we needed for the job. Once the work was started, we found there were some structural problems that left unattended would take the building down despite the new roof. 
 So, we called Eldon, at Pinke Lumber and got advice on how to fix the foundation problem.
The guys on the roof were using the loader tractor to raise supplies up to their perch near the peak. 
The mornings have been pleasant this August, and often too damp to harvest, so there was time for a project. 
 The foundation was shored up with cement, dug down into the ground to hold the building solidly in place and keep the wooden structure from rotting away. A solid footing for an old and useful building.
It is possible to make the old as good as new when you are working on a building. 
There is even a new antenna for the weather station attached to its peak.  
 No one had ever heard of a weather station 70 years ago when the building was built in this yard.
In seventy years what changes will an observer find? 
Things I have never heard of, I suppose.
And I hope someone is still around to appreciate the solid footing we gave this sturdy old gem during these cool August days in GriggsDakota.

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