Thursday, July 24, 2014

Soybeans Flourish After Rain

 The soybeans, late like all of our crops this year, have come to life this week following the rain.
Their blossoms, were they larger, would be prized. 
But the prize of the soybean plant is, of course the soybeans. 
The flowers are just a step in the process of production.  
 We are raising seed soybeans. That means that the seed is certified as to variety, and inspected in the field. We will store the crop on the farm until Spring when they will be transported and prepared as seed for the 2015 growing season.
Many of the soybeans raised in our area are used for animal feed, but more and more food grade soybeans are being raised in the US. The process of turning soybeans into foods like milk and yogurt is one that I know little about.
I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled "America's Move to Soy Hobbles Dairy. It reveals that US consumers demand ever expanding nutritional choices. The dairy industry must respond with value added options to please modern consumers.  Follow the link to read the article.
When I was young we milked cows for our own use. We had a cream separator in the small milk house by the barn, and a milk pasteurizer that Mom carefully used in our kitchen. Dairy was very straight forward. Unseparated milk carried a layer of cream on the top of the milk. After we sold the cows and stopped milking, homogenized milk from the store seemed like such a treat. We couldn't imagine anything better with a meal. Whole milk was on the table three times every day.
Soybeans, which are evidently a catalyst for change, are guarding their blossoms in the fields of GriggsDakota.

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  1. Nice pictures. Send some rain down our way in Nebraska, soybeans are setting pods.