Thursday, July 17, 2014

Prevented Planting

 It hasn't happened very often in GriggsDakota, but this Spring did not allow us to get all of our fields planted in a timely manner.
Now that the season has begun to dry out, the weeds have begun to grow on the unplanted acres. 
I found corn cobs in the field, leftovers from harvest and uneaten by wildlife. It is an indication of an abundant Winter for the animals and birds of the area.
Farmer Fred is planting soybeans on the field. It is a cover crop. Cover crops are good for the land, but will not yield a harvest.  
The final planting date for soybeans in our area was over a month ago. There are not enough days left for any crop to mature in what is left of the growing season. We plant a crop to remove some of the excess moisture from the ground and to suppress weed growth. 
You can see foxtail barley, mustard, and a host of other weeds have gotten a good start on the field. 
 If they are left to mature and produce seed, it will compound our problems on this field going forward.  We carry insurance for this. So we are participating in Prevented Planting Coverage through our Federal Crop Insurance.
The field will be planted to Winter Wheat later in the season and we will try again next year in GriggsDakota.

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