Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Golden Plains Returning

  Beneath the spacious skies, amber waves of grain are returning to the plains.
 The winter wheat has begun to ripen.
 Even the roadside has produced some plants of wheat among the stones and gravel that comprise the  trails that service our fields and farms.
The beards have turned golden, but the wheat itself is still a couple weeks away from maturity. The white heads indicate disease.
 There are signs of leaf disease.
 Overall, the heads are mostly healthy and maturing well.
The white kernels indicate a fungal disease is present. Moist conditions combine with wind to spread fungus in the fields. 
There are kernels present in the white heads, but they will be very light weight. Once the head turns white, it will not mature in the normal manner. 
In this field, the problem seems minimal. 
  Although we now raise other crops, our farming tradition is tied to wheat. It was the crop first planted by my Great Grandparents in the fields of GriggsDakota.
And faithfully as the Summer matures, the golden ocean is rolling across the fields of GriggsDakota once again.

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  1. Another great post, thanks! Your property looks beautiful!