Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Flowery Ditches: Tiger Lilies

"Consider the lilies of the field,"
(Please note that in GriggsDakota it should read:
'Consider the lilies of the ditches')
 How the lilies
 (Yes, in GriggsDakota we have tiger lilies in the ditches)
"How they grow.
They neither toil nor spin,"
(In GriggsDakota we toil, but we don't spin, unless you count spinning our wheels which we do too often.)
"And yet, not even Solomon, in all his glory, 
 clothed himself like one of these."
Tiger lilies from the ditches in GriggsDakota.
  Luke 12:27 of the New American Standard Bible

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  1. Wonderful post...and I love the photo of the shadow holding the lily...