Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowery Ditches: Prairie Roses

I looked and looked for poetry. 
That would do justice to the beauty of the roses in the ditches. 
 There was no words that I found to be adequate.
Roses think that they are hiding in the tall grass. 
They disguise themselves in the wind as they shed their petals. 
But their sweet scent always gives them away.  
Blooms open in a flurry. 
They fade in hours, or if it is cool, a day or two. 
Their fleeting presence makes the roses all the more precious. 
The Wild Prairie Rose is a true American beauty in GriggsDakota.


  1. We have a rose very much like your Prairie Rose, over here in UK its called Briar Rose, and grows in the ditches and hedge rows.
    After it has flowered it leaves a rose hip seed head which is red, the seeds inside the hip are hairy and as kids we would put a few hairy seeds down each others back inside ya shirt and it would make you itch, so we called them Itching Berries.