Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cowgirls' Education

Girls love to pull on the boots and play with the calves. 
But sooner or later, she has to learn about fences. 
And she might as well learn about cows. 
And specifically, the back end of a cow. Cattleman Jim is a capable teacher.
Our girls love the cattle and are just learning about artificial insemination.  
 The semen comes frozen in nitrogen. The bulls are chosen from the best options available in the country.
The gloved arm goes into the cow to locate the cervix followed by the rod that hold the thawing semen. 
 When a third hand is required, the relatively clean rod is held in his mouth. Working quickly is very important as the semen is getting warmer as we work.
 Our girls know that women have a better chance of being excellent artificial inseminators. Their hand and arms are smaller.
 And the one who dreams of being a veterinarian has already begun her education.
 Done with the job, off with the glove, open the shoot.
Back to the herd in GriggsDakota.

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