Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Corn Grows After the Storm

 The corn continues to grow and there are places where it is taller than Farmer Fred. 
 The storm last week provided precious moisture and left minimal destruction in its path.
The rain fell in a sheet of water and flooded last year's field trash onto the trail. 
The water must have rolled down the hill and to the ditch by the road. 
For a few moments, it must have been a couple of inches deep in order to move and deposit the old stalk pieces. 
 It looked like the road had been prepared in some special way for special guests. 
It is just nature taking charge.
 There is slight hail damage on the corn, but it is not enough to affect the plants.
The wind hit the edge of this field with fury, and you can see the stalks are bent near the root. 
The rows, however are standing upright. We are added extra potassium to the fertilizer this year and believe that added to the stalk strength. Considering the season, we have reason for optimism.
The tassels are showing in the corn fields of GriggsDakota.

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