Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Checking the Corn Turns into Adventure

I thought that we were simply going to check the corn fields, but then, life turned into an adventure. I like that about life around here, as long as no one gets hurt too badly. Days are seldom predictable.
It had been a hot muggy day and the evening was continuing to swelter. We decided it was a corn growing day and wondered if we could hear the corn growing in the field. We are cheering for the corn to grow as it has had a very slow start. 
Everything looks good for the corn, so far. The rows are clean and it has canopied, which allows less sun to get down to the ground. That preserves moisture and helps keep weed seeds from germinating. 
The corn has not tasseled. Careful pulling back of the leaf in the center of a plant reveals the tassel is nearly ready to emerge from the stalk. We are hoping that the tassel is fully emerged by the end of July. 
It will take about 60 days for the corn to mature after it has tasseled. By October first we can expect the corn to be fully mature.  That is after our average date for the first frost of the season. We will need a little luck in the cornfield this year.
You may have noticed, the day had been cloudy. The wind began to switch and suddenly there was hot and cold air present as we walked. It began to rain and soon was storming, with rain, wind, lightening and thunder. 
 It was dangerously dark and the wind strong. The ducks and geese were standing on the banks of the sloughs as we passed, unable to cope with the waves on the tiny bodies of water beside the road. A couple of times we heard a roaring sound, almost like a train or a jet taking off, which I believe was a tornado-like force in the clouds. We could see small funnels in the clouds overhead, but nothing seemed to be dipping down very far toward earth. It seemed late in the evening, the clouds and rain were blocking the light.
 Suddenly the visibility was zero. The rain was thicker than a snowstorm. We stopped the pickup and were somewhat disoriented as the rain pelted and a few hailstones fell. The worst of the storm did not last more than ten minutes, I suppose, but I wasn't watching the clock. Soon we could see well enough to continue our drive home in the rain.
There are some trees down and lots of branches. The electricity was knocked out, but came back on later in the evening. There has been some minor flooding. 
But, we needed the rain as corn growing weather makes the fields thirsty in GriggsDakota.

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