Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canola in Bloom

June left quietly in the night.  June, the grand lady of the Summer, was tired this year. She left in a gray huff. July, it seems, blew her out. However, July has not yet turned our dreary weather around.
July blew in cool. The canola is enjoying the cool. It is just what canola needs to bloom well. 
 Canola is the brightest sight we have had in days, as the sun has been hidden and rain has been falling intermittently.  Canola blossoms produce sunshine on the ground.  Its flowers will continue to proliferate, and will bloom longest if our temperatures remain cool. Longer bloom yields more pods and more pods yield a bigger crop of canola. 
June did not provide that start to Summertime that we had hoped to see. We have had so little sunshine that the ground is still cold. The lilacs blossomed in June and the peonies are in full bloom, but growth in both fields and gardens has been slow. Pastures and grasses are flourishing. Haying is done in the sunshine, so for now, that is on hold.
 We hope that July brings the sun.
This canola, which has been blooming for less than a week, will continue to bloom for a few more weeks. 
Providing sunshine on the land when it is missing in the sky. 
That is enough to get us by, when July starts out gray and chilly in GriggsDakota.

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