Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is Rock Rolling?

 What is big, red, and rolls rocks?
Why a Big Red Rock Roller, of course. 
 The frame is red and the rollers are not on this implement used to press small rocks back down into the soil.
When the combines come to harvest this season's black bean crop, they will have their heads very near the ground. A rock will damage a combine.
 Robbie backs the roller in order for it to spread to its full width.
Robbie flips the yellow lock which prepares the implement for field work. 
Then strides to the other side to do the same before continuing back to the tractor. 
 From the cab, Robbie raises the wheels on the rock-roller with the hydraulics.
In the photo above, you can see the the area that has been rolled is flat and smooth, like the first swipe with a hot iron on a wrinkled shirt. 
Wheels up, rollers on the ground, the three rollers make a wide pass of pressed ground. All of the ground seeded to black beans will be rolled after it is planted but before it emerges. 
This is Rock-n-Rollin' in GriggDakota.

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