Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wet, but Working

The weather has been keeping the ducks happy. There seem to be more ducks around than usual. The morning air was nearly still, perfectly June.We are thankful to have seeded all the barley and corn before the weekend rain. Growing conditions have been ideal. But there is so much more to do.
The grass was sopping wet with dew. We might has mistook it for rain, except for the fact that areas with no grass remained dry. 
Everyone was busy as we prepared for a frantic day of field work. 
In the meantime, Ron gave the lawnmower a thorough examination, then sent it off to the hospital with a leaky something. The grass has been growing very fast and the old mower has had quite a workout since Summer finally arrived. 
The barley needs to be fertilized. The application of liquid nitrogen is time sensitive. We want to get started early and cover as much ground as possible. The fields must be dry enough to support the machine full of liquid after our weekend of rain. 
It is muggy although the temperatures are in the high sixties and seventies. The sun is very strong this time of year and Farmer Fred is counting on it to dry out the fields enough to plant soybeans. Planting crops into mud, or "mudding crops in" as it is called, doesn't work. The seed bed must be dry enough not to be sticky.
Soon Old Red, loaded with soybean seed, headed up the hill. 
Old Red has been working hard this Spring and seems to be enjoying the season as much as the rest of us. 
Then Wyatt brought up a load of fertilizer. 
Farmer Fred pulled onto the field and readied the drill. 
While Casey used the Philips harrow to break up the soil surface and prepare the seed bed. 
Soybean seeding has begun again in GriggsDakota.

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