Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today There Is Winter Wheat

There was a beautiful sky and a warm breeze as I stopped to check on the Winter Wheat. 
 This was our first field seeded and I could tell by the spiked appearance of the field that heading was very near.
 Heading Winter Wheat emerges from the stem of the plant.
While it is forming in the stem, it is referred to as being "in the boot." 
As the head pushes up through the stem it causes the leaves to stand at attention. 
The soft carpet appearance of the field changes. 
It appears spiked with the tip of the leaves up or out from the stem. 
 The beard emerges first, looking like a little brush.
Below it you notice the forming kernels in their husks. 
Each kernel is attached to one strand of the beard. 
We have had so much rain, seeding our crops this Spring has been a struggle. 
The Winter Wheat was planted last Fall and grew from its roots this Spring without problem. 
The Winter Wheat is heading in GriggsDakota.

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