Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Planting Black Beans

This is the year of black beans in GriggsDakota. Black beans are a variety of Dry Edible Beans. We raise only one type of bean from this category each season.
The category of Dry Edible Beans are raised for human consumption. North Dakota is a leading producer of dry edible beans. Pinto beans are the leader of this category and that is the type of dry edible beans we have most often raised. Pintos are used in baked beans, chili, refried beans, and many Mexican dishes. It is mild and delicious. 
The bean planter runs up and down the field making a mark with the extended arm of the marker on the planter, while following the mark in the soil made by the last pass.
Black beans are most often sold in the grocery stores canned, but also can be dried or processed. The cans are drained, rinsed and used in many main dish meals and salads. The dried would be soaked to reconstitute moisture and baked or boiled in liquid. The processed beans are used in veggie burgers and vegetarian dishes as a protein source. Black beans are smaller than a pinto bean and very dark in color.
The marks on the field help the operator plant straight, even rows. 
 Ducks frolic in the field on a June afternoon, it has been a wet Spring.
Dry edible beans are tolerant of heat, but require moisture to produce well. We would prefer to plant them in late May, but this has been a late Spring.
Finally, black beans are planted in GriggsDakota.

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