Monday, June 9, 2014

June All Week

It has been June all week and it will be June for a few more weeks. We have been out enjoying it. 
With nearly 16 hours from sunrise to sunset and light on both sides of that, the hours of work have been adding up. We are pushing to finish planting the beans in a timely manner. We sneak rest in where we can. Farmer Fred leans on a tire whenever he has the opportunity. 
Wyatt has been perfecting the fine art of napping while standing up. 
When the moon rises high in the sky. 
The sky is still the pure blue of daylight. 
There have been clouds rolling through,
But the measurable precipitation has fallen elsewhere.
 Despite the long hours of work, there are moments to visit with a friend who stops by.
While the sun sets, we do not expect the day to end, like everything else, field work is unpredictable. 
Just when things seem to be going along smoothly, an unexpected challenge rolls into view. A white tail deer shed is stuck in the tire. This one made a three prong puncture. 
We will pry it out and head for the yard. The tractor is equipped with duals and the single good tire will carry us home. 
"After all, tomorrow is another day" in GriggsDakota.
(quote taken from the closing line of Gone with the Wind, spoken by Scarlet O'Hara.

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  1. Jane,
    Good Luck getting the rest of the crops in.

    My area of South Dakota looks awesome. We went to the south west corner of SD to visit friends last weekend and the grass, hay and crops look good and the countryside is green and beautiful all the way south. Timely rains have been wonderful and a little sunshine will continue to go far.

    We think we will be haying around June 23rd.

    My Husband's Great Grandpa always said: We live all year in South Dakota so we can be here in June.