Monday, June 23, 2014

Ending the Celebration With Basketball

 Another Aneta Turkey Barbecue is over. We enjoyed the company of strangers and renewed old friendships. Our lives are richer for having done the work involved in putting all of this together, but we are tired as it finishes. The last event of the weekend was a basketball game held in our old Auditorium.
The game was billed as "alumni," but it didn't matter what school you graduated from. There hasn't been a school in town for years. Everyone who showed up was put on a team and Farmer Fred was the referee.  
There were fans in the crowd, including the Farm Inspector, the Energy Advisor, the Ag Analyst.  
There is still a little clean up to do tonight, but people will show up, just as they do every year, and everything will be carefully stored for the next Turkey Bar-B-Q. Turkeys will be cooking on the third Saturday in June in the Aneta City Park and we hope to be around to enjoy it 
in GriggsDakota.

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