Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Apple Trees

 It was three years ago on a morning in May that we planted our apple trees.
 With advice from Grandpa Sonny, we had carefully chosen varieties and ordered them.
 After much deliberation, we decided to plant the trees in an open space of the yard. The trees would be somewhat sheltered and less likely to be nibbled on by deer.
It was a day that was too wet to work in the fields, which meant I had good help with the project. 
On that day we encased each little tree in a plastic sleeve made for protecting saplings.  
Although I have removed the sleeves to prune or clean the tubes of leaves and debris, the trees have been protected by the tubes since they were planted.
 Most of the apple trees are still alive, although the hazelnut trees did not survive the first Winter.
 It is now time to remove the sleeves and allow the tree to stand on its own.
That will allow the tree to branch and form more naturally as it reaches adulthood. 
I hope it also gives the trees a chance to produce some apples. 
However, first we need some leaves and blossoms in GriggsDakota.

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