Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Plain Turns Fancy

 To truly enjoy the upper Great Plains, I think you must like the color palette produced by the land in late Fall, long Winter, and early Spring. Some folks call it drab. I prefer to think of it as plain.
Early Fall can be colorful, even fancy. That season quickly gives way to plain on the Northern Plains. 
 As farmers, we cheer as plain takes over the Plains. We like plain.
It means the crops are ripening. 
Sometimes snow adds sparkle to a Winter day. Things are a little less plain.
Sometimes even the snow is plain. 
 Spring often comes slowly, as it has this year. Things stay plain for weeks in early Spring on the Northern Plains.
Most fields must be warmed by the weather, then worked and planted before plain land changes.
Winter wheat, planted in early Fall, starts to make the fields look fancy. 
Winter Wheat leads the Spring.
Rippling rows of fancy green leaves are a welcome sight, even for those who like things plain. 
 Hope grows with green on the Plains.
As fancy colors return to the Great Plains, farmers cheer again. 
We are ready to fly through our warm and fancy seasons in GriggsDakota.

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