Thursday, May 15, 2014

Final Seed Soybeans Hauled Away

 There were trucks blocking the road ahead and I had no plan to disturb them. They have been hired by Asgrow Seed to haul the last of the seed soybeans that we raised last season.
As I left home with my camera, I noticed snowflakes in the air. It would be a beautiful day in mid-November, but this is the middle of May and we are weary. We know the weather will break eventually and the warmth of Spring and Summer will energize everything. However,  I have heard stories this week that the mud on the surface of area fields is still being held up by frost.
 The sun is warm this time of year, but it has been blocked by clouds so much that the ground is very cold. Too cold to seed corn or beans and too wet to seed small grains in many areas.
Asgrow Seed takes charge of hauling our seed soybeans to the seed plant. 
They bring a special grain vacuum to keep the seed beans whole and viable. 
And soon the bins will be empty and waiting for the 2014 crop in GriggsDakota.

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  1. i posted this to my facebook page. so grateful for you. energetic amazing woman of God and the prairies. reminds me that where i come from and where my feet are planted is precious in the eyes of my Jesus. thank you for being a blessing