Monday, May 5, 2014

Field Work 2014 Begins with Salford RTS

 It took quite a bit of optimism and careful scouting around, but the guys found a place to dig in the fields.
 The Salford RTS, is the first implement to roll across the winter weary land this Spring.
 The Salford RTS is a Residue Tillage Specialist. It chops the trash we left on the surface last Fall and scratches the top four or five inches of soil to open it up for a breath of Spring.
 Last year this field had soybeans planted on it.
The Salford prepared the field for the planting of the 2014 crop. 
 This is the driest field in GriggsDakota, and look at the mud on the tires.
 The dust, which might lead you believe the field is dry, is raised when the vines on the surface are disturbed.
By breaking through the surface crust, the topsoil will be exposed to the sun and wind. The Salford delivers a very smooth even seedbed. When we bring the drill onto the field to seed the crop, this seedbed will allow even depth control as the drill drops the seed.
This will allow it to dry out, if the rain would stay away. 
We are planning to plant Certified Seed Barley on these fields and the sooner the better. 
But by Sunday night, it was raining again. Although our weather and soil temperatures are colder than usual, barley could sprout if we get it in the ground. 
With  dust in the air, mud on the tires, and hope in our hearts, the 2014 working of the ground has begun in GriggsDakota.

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