Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fertilizing the Winter Wheat

 It is easy to appreciate Winter Wheat fields in the Spring when the field turns green from roots planted last Fall. The established Wheat plant is able to survive through the Winter. That is especially nice during a hectic Spring like this season, when everything is wet and running late.
 Although we don't have to plant the fields, we do have to feed the crop and so Robbie is applying liquid nitrogen to the Winter Wheat fields. It is applied in water streams. I think of it as special rain.
It is good to have Robbie back in the tractor.  
The field is wet in spots as all of the fields are in GriggsDakota. The application of liquid nitrogen will make a visible difference in the field. Within hours after applying the fertilizer, the leaves will start to turn a richer shade of green. The growth will become more lush.
Driving a sprayer is always a challenge because of its wide booms that are folded out to carry the fertilizer. This machine is 80 feet wide and can be shut down in 20 foot increments. That way we spray only the the seeded area. Fertilizer is a big number on the input cost column, so we are careful to use only what the crop needs. 
The Winter Wheat of green and growing in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Wow! Out winter wheat is headed, near bloom in Western Illinois.