Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fertilizing for Corn

The recent days have been Summery. We have completed our small grain seeding and by the time you read this, the corn will be in the ground as well. We use our Concord Air Till Drills to apply fertilizer to the corn ground ahead of the corn planter.
Even on beautiful days, everything does not always go smoothly. The pile on the ground is the result of a broken hose.
As much of the spill as possible is scooped up and returned to the drill. 
Ron is ready to go, so he pulls away and onto the field. 
Farmer Fred carries another pail up to the drill box. 
He then sweeps the remaining fertilizer across the ground where in can be incorporated into the soil. 
He is finally ready to go, but does an inspection and finds some adjustments to make. 
So Farmer Fred brings out his tool box.
He begins to lubricate, loosen, and tighten.
Farmer Fred as a man whose use of tools is a relatively new phenomenon.  
In his former career, when he wore a suit and tie every day, tools were not in his repertoire. 
Farmer Fred has learned the basics of keeping the machines going and relies those with expertise to fix anything beyond that. 
One more spot to check. 
Farmer Fred is off to apply fertilizer as we finish seeding corn for 2014 in Griggs Dakota.

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  1. That's great! We have been so dry we could not fertilize then came a freak rain and we could not locate any fertilizer! Now we have it just waiting for rain!!