Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Barley Seeding Begins

 This day was long anticipated.
The guys were able to get out and work up a couple fields for planting over the weekend. We used our Salford RTS to chop and loosen the seedbed before we seed barley. 
 The barley we are planting first is being raised as registered seed barley. 
 There is mud on the tires and some areas of mud in the fields. We consider this a good sign in the Spring. Too little moisture is more often a problem than too much.
One of the Twin-Trucks drove to town to get a load of fertilizer. 
Old Red was on the job filling the drill with Registered Lacey Barley Seed. Follow the link that leads to the North Dakota State Seed Department and learn more about Registered Seed in North Dakota
The rock picker was standing by, waiting for Field Hand Joe to make the drive to the field. Because of our freeze-thaw cycle, we have a never ending supply of field stone rising in the dirt. Our rock picker gets a work out every year. 
The first crop, Registered Lacey Seed Barley, is being seeded by our Concord Air-Till Drills. 
Old Red and a Twin Truck are standing by to refill the Concord Drills when needed. 
Field Hand Joe began to pick the rocks.
On this day, we don't think too much about the long season ahead. It feels like a victory to get underway. Everyone is smiling. 
And we are grateful for the opportunity we have in GriggsDakota.

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