Friday, May 30, 2014

Ag Analyst Names the Kittens

The Ag Analyst loves to play with kittens. 
She decided that the kittens needed to be named. 
She checked out all the hiding places in Cat World. 
There are four orange kittens in Macy's batch this Spring. 
It is very difficult for the Ag Analyst to tell one from another. The kittens are nearly identical. Would we get them mixed up? That would be so confusing!
So after careful analysis, the Ag Analyst makes a decision. 
We can give them all the same name and that name will be "Meowy." 
So, we now have four kittens named Meowy in GriggsDakota.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fertilizing for Corn

The recent days have been Summery. We have completed our small grain seeding and by the time you read this, the corn will be in the ground as well. We use our Concord Air Till Drills to apply fertilizer to the corn ground ahead of the corn planter.
Even on beautiful days, everything does not always go smoothly. The pile on the ground is the result of a broken hose.
As much of the spill as possible is scooped up and returned to the drill. 
Ron is ready to go, so he pulls away and onto the field. 
Farmer Fred carries another pail up to the drill box. 
He then sweeps the remaining fertilizer across the ground where in can be incorporated into the soil. 
He is finally ready to go, but does an inspection and finds some adjustments to make. 
So Farmer Fred brings out his tool box.
He begins to lubricate, loosen, and tighten.
Farmer Fred as a man whose use of tools is a relatively new phenomenon.  
In his former career, when he wore a suit and tie every day, tools were not in his repertoire. 
Farmer Fred has learned the basics of keeping the machines going and relies those with expertise to fix anything beyond that. 
One more spot to check. 
Farmer Fred is off to apply fertilizer as we finish seeding corn for 2014 in Griggs Dakota.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Beaver Post

I suppose that you think this is a post about beavers. 
This is about what a beaver can do to a post. 
Pressure treated posts are purchased by farmers and ranchers because they last much longer that an untreated wooden fence post. 
Unless you build your fence by Beaver Creek where a beaver finds it.
The eager beaver did not manage to chew through the fence post. 
The fence is still standing, though it is only guarding the gopher holes and rock piles these days. 
There are no other signs of beaver in the vicinity as far as I can see.
Soon the grass will grow up and no one will notice the beaver's handiwork. 
Old Beaver has moved on because he couldn't fall a fencepost in GriggsDakota.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fertilizing the Winter Wheat

 It is easy to appreciate Winter Wheat fields in the Spring when the field turns green from roots planted last Fall. The established Wheat plant is able to survive through the Winter. That is especially nice during a hectic Spring like this season, when everything is wet and running late.
 Although we don't have to plant the fields, we do have to feed the crop and so Robbie is applying liquid nitrogen to the Winter Wheat fields. It is applied in water streams. I think of it as special rain.
It is good to have Robbie back in the tractor.  
The field is wet in spots as all of the fields are in GriggsDakota. The application of liquid nitrogen will make a visible difference in the field. Within hours after applying the fertilizer, the leaves will start to turn a richer shade of green. The growth will become more lush.
Driving a sprayer is always a challenge because of its wide booms that are folded out to carry the fertilizer. This machine is 80 feet wide and can be shut down in 20 foot increments. That way we spray only the the seeded area. Fertilizer is a big number on the input cost column, so we are careful to use only what the crop needs. 
The Winter Wheat of green and growing in GriggsDakota.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

 My Grandma lives at the end of Main Street and I can go into her house whenever I want, because she showed me where Grandpa hides the key.
 The faces in the crowd are all friendly and familiar.
Every face I have ever seen in my life is in the crowd. 
 I am leading the band down the street. 
I have a baton in my right hand and I know how to twirl it, but I am shy and I don't do the routine.
When the band starts to play. 
 Every person ever to graduate from our high school has been invited back for a reunion.
I am a waitress, not yet a graduate. Today, I want to go to the reunion.
 I want to see a carnival, ready to set up on Main Street.
I want to cheer for the most beautiful queen that I have ever seen.  
 I want the parade to come back.
I want to hear Grandma and her friends laugh. 
I want her to stop waving, so I can see her smile. 
I want to participate, once more, 
in all the fun
of growing up here. 
Could our friends from McVille take off their masks, so we could see their faces?  
 I want to see everyone.
So we can all laugh together. 
I want to smell horses and hear the sounds of harnesses and wagons. 
 Could we load up the engines? 
And throw out some candy to the children?
Our own beloved place.
Blessed and blessing. 
If my friends could just sing one more song...
But the wagon train has moved on.
Happy Memorial Day.