Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working on the Salford

 What is this?
A stack of blades for the Salford. 
The Salford RTS is used in the fields to chop surface trash and smooth the ground as we prepare the seedbed for planting crops. Click Here to see this implement at work in a field. 
The blades rotate as they travel up and down the field. 
When the Salford blades are new, they are 20 inches in diameter. 
When they need to be replaced, they are 17 inches in diameter. 
The wear on the blades is not even, so all of the blades are not replaced at the same time. Some will just need to be greased. 
 There is a zerk, or place to grease, on each blade. There are many other spots on the machine that need a shot from a grease gun.
Careful greasing will extend the life of the parts and of the machine itself. 
The guys are getting ready. We now have a few signs of Spring in GriggsDakota.

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