Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter Wheat Green At Last

 We are seeing sprigs of green in the fields of GriggsDakota.
The Winter Wheat is out from under the snow and there is green growth visible. 
It is most obvious in the low spots where it is sheltered and the frost is out of the ground. 
 It looks as fresh as the Spring air.
 The Winter Wheat varieties in our cold climate are very cold resistant and tough, but greening in the Spring is not a sure sign that it will come through as a crop. Last year we waited until late May before we were advised by our agronomist to replant our Winter Wheat fields. 
The snow has just melted and the water is still receding in many areas of the land. 
 Spring greening of the plants is a good beginning.
You can see the dead wheat shoots that provided a start for the plants when they first sprouted after being planted last September. 
 The roots live through our long cold Winter and begin to grow again as the warmth returns to the land. Above you can see that the growth has been burned by the cold on the tips of the shoots.
So today we can announce that the Winter Wheat is alive, but Farmer Fred will be watching closely to see if all is well in GriggsDakota.

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