Friday, April 4, 2014


 Our story this week has been one of Winter.
 Beautiful, but we have set a record low temperature that was six below zero fahrenheit.
 Although this weather is unusual for April, it is not exactly rare. There are several days in early April where the record low temperature drops that low and many days where the records are just above the circle. It has also been foggy in the mornings and slippery on the roads and streets.
Farmer Fred found out just how slippery when he went slip-slidin' into the ditch as he was stopping to pick up the mail. 
It is nice to have good help, 
a road with little traffic, 
 and a tractor with a chain in the cab.
 It didn't take long to get going again.
 And as our faithful CaseIH 8950 with snow blade drove to the shed I realized that I will probably see it again before Winter finishes its chill.
Because it is still snowing in GriggsDakota.

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