Friday, April 11, 2014

Now the Story is Water

 The story last week was cold and snow.
 The story this week has been much more optimistic.
Warm temperatures have melted much of the snow and the creeks are running fast. 
 The good news is that the water shed seems to be handling the runoff.
 Creeks are running full, but there has been little flooding.
 The sun reflected in the murky churning water created sparkling points of light as it moved quickly down stream.
 The water is just barely warm enough to be liquid. The cold temperature and churning surface make it appear unfriendly.
As the water does its thing, following the path of least resistance, it clears the way for Farmer Fred and the gang to do our thing: Begin Spring field work.  
Some of the melting snow seems to be soaking into the fields and the sun and wind are drying the surface more than I expected.  
Will we get into the fields before April is finished? 
 We will have to wait and see.
Just as farmers have for over a century, we are waiting for Spring to allow us to get into the fields of GriggsDakota.


  1. I can't but comment about the photos. Wonderful!

  2. I agree with ROYSFARM...these pictures are magnificent! Keep them coming!