Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ice is Leaving

A morning drink from the lake is a refreshing way for Prince to cool down. 
 The lake freezes over at night, so there is a thin layer of ice. I will only imagine how cold the water, no drinks for me.
The ice is breaking up on the lake.  
 I noticed a salamander moving very slowly across the ice as it thaws out.
 It must have been disturbed by Butler, who thought he should go out and retrieve it. After I called his name several times, and then yelled "TREAT! TREAT!" he decided to return to the lakeshore.
The salamander continued slowly across the ice. 
I can't imagine where he will go. 
The dogs soon forgot about the salamander and the ice. 
A gull found that we still have very hard water. 
There was a small cackling party of geese, also on top of the water and apparently happy about that. 
 Winter will soon be a memory.
 The cold swim inspired Butler to take a dirt bath and is so pleased with himself.
The cows have moved out of the yard with their calves.
It was not long ago that the geese had nowhere to swim. Our first thaw had all frozen over.
 That has changed.
The sun, when it shines, is warm. 
Spring is making progress. 
It is on the way to GriggsDakota.

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  1. Jane,
    Looks like your walking partners had a fun outing with you.

    Yesterday was the first day I noticed buds on the lilacs and yellow prairie flowers. We've had a good dose of spring in the last week and wind too.

    We don't do a lot of farming, but got the oat crop in yesterday. We hay our oats to feed the cows.