Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

 I've been to the GriggsDakota attic and found the perfect card to wish you a
Happy Easter.
 We are looking forward to a Spring weekend with family and friends and wish the same for you, wherever you are.
This photo of Grandpa Sonny was taken on a GriggsDakota Easter morning. There have been many Easters in his life that have included snow. 
When Grandpa Sonny was eight years old, he recited the poem, pictured below, at the Junior Choir program, according to the note written in pencil by his mother. 
The program was on Easter Sunday 1933.  
Why I Like Easter
I just love Easter Day, don't you?
The Easter Story, sweet and true,
Brings every heart so much of cheer
Because it says our Saviour dear
Rose from the grave - and we shall live.
That's what it meant to have Him give
His life for us. And Easter Day
Makes all earth glad - that's Jesus way. 

Wishing you a heart full of gladness this Easter 
from the gang at GriggsDakota.

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