Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frozen Ground is Firm

 Although we have to keep the trucks on graveled surfaces, the frozen ground is firm enough to allow grain loading in the yards. Once Spring begins, grain hauling will cease until the farm is planted. 
 So we are busy hauling grain to the elevator while the ground is firm enough to handle the loads.
 There are Spring load limits in place, to protect our busy public roads from falling apart as the frost melts from the ground. 
Our mornings are wintery which keeps mud to a minimum. 
It is hard to imagine that the cold can linger when the sun seems so strong. 
The sun has been trying to keep the snow away and melt what is left here and there. New snow that has been falling intermittently this week has melted within a few hours. It is a strange mix of seasons.
As the guys fill the grain cart, Farmer Fred pulls up with our fancy favorite, Sterling Onyx. It has been three and a half years since this truck came to Help Old Red during the harvest of 2010.  
Farmer Fred parks the truck. 
He goes to the back to roll the tarp off the top of the truck box. 
The filled grain cart pulls up next to Sterling Onyx. 
As the grain cart is emptying, the truck box is filling. 
Soon, Farmer Fred and Sterling Onyx will hit the road as we work through the last days of Winter in GriggsDakota.

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