Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bull Goes On

The day dawned unexpectedly clear with a crisp breeze. Today we were expecting a delivery and, although the ground was muddy, the sunshine made everything easier. Cattleman Jim and his Prince were happy to see the trailer from Wisconsin when it arrived promptly.
 Out stepped, not just one,
 or two
But three new Angus bulls to use in our herd this season. 
We are in the beef cattle business, but our product is live calves. Some of our heifer calves are kept or sold as breeding stock. Those girls will be in a herd where they will raise calves. The remaining calves will be sold for fattening in a feedlot. 
Our goal is to produce calves that can qualify as either angus or hereford. In live calves hide standards are used and the calves most likely to bring top dollar are the calves that can fit into either standard. If you want to know more, click here.   
 Be sure to follow the link into an old favorite Black Bull, White Face, Red Momma, where you can check out the actual hide requirements of each breed.
 The jacket indicates that he knows his stuff. The meat evaluation team sounded like a judging team to me, and so it is. However, their evaluation of each animal that is scored on the hoof is later compared to actual carcass scores. That will keep the eyes sharp as the team judges goats, sheep, beef, and hogs.
But not dogs, and Prince is happy about that. 
 Cattleman Jim and the guys from Wisconsin took a bit of time to lean on the fence and enjoy the day in GriggsDakota where Cows come and go but the Bull goes on forever.

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  1. New bulls and picking out replacement heifers is a fun time of year. As you know, it's one of the most important decisions a rancher makes about the future.

    I was on the Jr Meats Judging team, Eval Team and Livestock Judging Team in college. Mom had Sister and I livestock judging shortly after we could walk and hold a pencil.