Tuesday, April 8, 2014

About Fences

Have you noticed that life is full of fences?
There are former fences
Old, but still useful fences
And new fences.
Some are on the fence
Trying to get over the fence 
Learning about fences.
There are fences to keep us from falling in
Fences to keep us from getting in
And fences to keep us in.
You might be eyeing the fence
or guarding the fence.
We mow near the fence
lean on the fence to visit
or lean near the fence to wait.
There are garden fences
Barbed wire fences
Smooth wire electric fences
Hole-y Fences
Macgyver's fence (Click Here to read more about this haywire concept)
And fences with a message.
There are worn out, chewed down fences
Fixed up old and new wire combination fences
And fences that hold barbed wire rolled up and left to rust
Which in GriggsDakota is recycled to make a beautiful Barbed Wire Christmas Wreath.
Which begs the question:  When is a fence no longer a fence? 
We have time to ponder this as we are fenced out of the fields by puddles and melting snow in GriggsDakota.

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