Thursday, March 27, 2014

Planning for the Acres

As we prepare to begin another season of farming, we should review the size of an acre.
Every discipline has its own language. That is true in farming, too.
I often mention the word acre. What is that exactly? Let me try to explain.
It is a standard land measurement used in the United States of America.
In the city, a large lot is half an acre. 
 Two lots, an acre.
It takes about 2.25 acres for a city block.
City lots and blocks vary in size.
  An acre does not.
If you would stand just past the 90 yard line on a football field and look back to the opposite goal line, 
that piece of field is about an acre.
A quarter of land is 160 acres. 
It takes four quarters of land to make a section of land which is one square mile.
In the times when America was settled, an ox pulled a plow over about one acre of land per day.
Each ox and plow was driven by a person who walked behind that plow.
It is a wonder we ever started farming out here.
 The land is big.

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