Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to: Put Together a Candy Table

 It was a very special occasion and we wanted the details to be perfect. 
 And what could be more fun than a table full of candy? 
We had three rules:
1. All the candy must be individually wrapped. You will notice that we broke that rule with Good and Plenty. They were served from a "gum ball machine" that had been fixed to not require money. 
2. No gum. We did have individually wrapped wax pop bottles. Even those were stuck on the floor and  required scraping during clean up.
3. Our event was peanut free. Most manufacturers say that candy, although it doesn't contain peanuts, might be manufactured in a facility that has peanuts. 
We stayed away from all peanut butter candy and all chocolate candy bars which were likely to be co-mingled with peanut residue. 
The rules meant that it took a little extra time to search out the candy for our table. 
We used an old candy jar as a vase for flowers. 
An old casserole made the Tootsie Rolls look inviting. 
 Jars and vases held the treats and we had utensils available for each candy. They were generally unused, because the candy was individually wrapped. 
We had someone keep an eye on the table and refill as needed. 
Every sweet tooth at the party left happy and that is how we like things to be in GriggsDakota.

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