Monday, March 3, 2014

Hauling Seed Barley

 There are very few natural signs of Spring to welcome March this year. But we count cleaning seed for Spring planting as a sure sign of Spring in GriggsDakota. The barley in the bin is straight from the field and we take pride in its quality. For seed we want to have it cleaned to remove any weed seeds, straw, or other foreign material in the grain.
When Spring does actually arrive, barley will be the first crop planted. The seed must be cleaned so that it can travel through the hoses of the Concord Air Till Drill and into the soil without a problem.
 The barley has been stored through the Winter in our grain bins. It is removed by our grain vacuum.
The hose of the grain vacuum is inserted into the bin near the bottom of the bin door. 
 It sucks it out and elevates the barley up to dump it into the grain cart. 
After the grain  cart is filled with barley, the cart pulls away from the bin and proceeds to the truck.
The truck, parked on easily accessible, level ground is then filled for the trip to the elevator for cleaning. 
Once cleaned we will haul the seed back to the farm to store it back in its bin. 
We are preparing for Spring in GriggsDakota.

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