Monday, March 10, 2014

Can Anyone Lead a Simple Life?

You have seen the signs: "Keep it Simple," "Real Simple," Simplify." It makes me stop and think. Can we live more simply? 
Would our lives be better if we did?
Many people think that life on the farm is simple. 
Farming, in truth, is a pretty complicated business.
 And yet, we love it.
We are content here.
Maybe that is the key: Contentment.
We know that there are ups and downs.
 We understand the risks. 
Our life is far from perfect and far from simple, but it provides satisfaction.
So instead of "Keep it Simple" we should perhaps be making signs that say "Seek Contentment." 
"Fall in love with Ordinary Days." 
"Become the person you were created to be, wherever you are." 
Then, perhaps, we will find a truly simple life.
Because complications only drive away simplicity, but do not preclude contentment. 
Contentment continues in GriggsDakota.


  1. Well said! I agree, contentment is the key.

  2. What a post!
    I too believe in being content
    an it was posted on my birthday :)

  3. "Fall in love with ordinary days." Love it that quote and this post. I don't know why people always think rural life is so simple. I grew up there and live in the city now. There are complexities no matter where you go.