Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Barley Seed in the Bin

 The temperature was hovering at zero degrees Fahrenheit and it was snowing as the guys unloaded the barley seed. It is now clean and ready for Spring.
As often happens, when the temperature begins to warm, the snow begins to fall. 
The juneberry bushes have a fine blanket of snow to keep them warm. The wind has gone down and it was peaceful, though still very cold. 
I had company as I trudged around the yard. Cattleman Jim's dog, Prince, stood still long enough for me to snap his picture. His manners need refining, but Prince has great potential as a cattle dog. He has made it his mission to keep deer away from the yards this Winter and he has done a good job of that.
 Although everyone is thinking of Spring as the barley bin fills, we cannot wish a lovely Winter day away.
Life goes by at lightening speed, no matter the season. And so we will try to be patient in GriggsDakota.

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