Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Barley Seed Delivered

 The Barley seed is being delivered to our customers.
Farmer Fred and other farmers in the area believe Spring will arrive despite the clear cold weather. 
Remember when we added hopper bottoms to bins in the yard? The hopper bottoms are mounted on the former floor of the bin that now rests on its stilts above the hopper. 
 The barley seed, cleaned and ready for the drill, flows out of the bin through the gravity spout where it is captured by the auger.
A whiff of grain is sweet perfume on this cold March morning. It smells like Summertime. 
 The barley seed travels up the auger.
The auger deposits it into the truck box. 
The box is filled from front to back. When Farmer Fred notices the grain is visible above the box, he will pull the truck forward to fill the middle then repeat and fill the back of the truck box. 
The process will continue until the box and trailer are filled before the load will be topped with a tarp and driven away from GriggsDakota.

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