Friday, March 21, 2014

And then, We had a Party

 The party was in a small town in North Dakota, but not on our farm. 
 We enlisted Power-On Kirsti's friend to help with decor. She provided backdrops and buntings that she says "Cover up ugly." We didn't need much of that, because the old auditorium carries its age well. She also provided other details, such as the dramatic candelabras, and some of the candy table dishes. We really appreciated her experience and eye for detail in pulling this off. 
Our family provided willing help in every area. The Farm Inspector declared that she wants to get married on a farm. I told her that it was a good thing we have one. She asked me to save the stuff.
 I made the chair covers. They are made from new white sheets, purchased at Sam's Club on clearance. It was a lucky buy. Each one slips on the chair and drapes down the back. The seat is left bare. 
The chair covers are held in place with two-inch bias strips that I cut from fabric in my stash. It is quilt cotton. It is now being recycled as ribbons and into quilts, although there will probably still be some leftover by the time the Farm Inspector calls with wedding plans.  
Each tie is held in place with two wired ribbon roses. 
The chair covers were made on the serger using a rolled hem stitch to sew and finish each side in one step. Then each cover was turned and pressed. 
We used battery tea lights instead of candles. 
 I have a collection of embroidered table linens. 
They were mostly collected during the time that you could find boxes of them at every rummage and auction sale. Some came from Ebay and some are family pieces.  
We used basic white polyester tablecloths on the tables, then ran the embroidered beauties randomly down the center of the table. 
Many are imperfect and we placed smaller doilies over holes or spots in some places. 
We believe that embroidered table linens, like people, are beautiful although they are imperfect. A little wear and tear adds to the beauty. The napkins at each place are paper. I was impressed that they felt like fabric. 
 The dinner was locally catered. We raise cattle and we served a steak dinner, buffet style. We danced to Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome, and took silly photos in a photo booth. The party will long be remembered in GriggsDakota.


  1. Love love love. Everything is beautiful. Whose wedding?

  2. CheryAnn,
    We celebrated our son's wedding. A grand time. Thanks for following our blog.